‘More women judges will improve law’: Britain’s only female Supreme Court judge calls for more diversity

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Gender Diversity

Britain’s only female Supreme Court judge says there needs to be more gender equality shown across Britain’s legal system and that by appointing more female judges the quality of justice could be greatly improved.

Baroness Hale called for greater positive discrimination in the law, saying: “There has only ever been one female Head of Division and in the Supreme Court there is still only me. It speaks volumes.”

In a speech given to female members of the judiciary, Lady Hale said: “I, too, used to be sceptical about the argument that women judges were bound to make a difference, because women are as different from one another as men, and we should not be expected to look at things from a particularly female point of view, whatever that might be. But I have come to agree with those great women judges who think that sometimes, on occasions, we may make a difference.”

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Source: The Independent
(First Published 28 July 2014)


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