Norton Rose Fulbright

Category: Recruiting Diverse Talent

WINNER: Norton Rose Fulbright

Although the firm had historically had an informal target of 25% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation amongst its two annual trainee intakes, this target was not being consistently met. The target was formalised by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee in July 2015 and the trainee recruitment team devised a targeted attraction and recruitment strategy.

As a result of formalising the BAME representation target and focussing on specific attraction and recruitment initiatives, the representation of BAME trainees at Norton Rose Fulbright has markedly improved. Although the 2016 trainee intakes only had 15% BAME representation, the 2016 winter vacation scheme was 26% BAME and the 2017 summer vacation scheme was 45% BAME. The 2017 trainee intakes are 36% BAME and Norton Rose Fulbright is tracking for a similar representation for the 2018 intakes.

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