InterLaw Diversity Forum BAME Network

Category: Outstanding BAME Employee Network of the Year

WINNER: InterLaw Diversity Forum BAME Network

The InterLaw Diversity Forum was founded in 2008 by Daniel Winterfeldt. Since its founding it has expanded its scope beyond LGBT+ to encompass all strands of diversity and inclusion (including social mobility), with a particular focus on cultural change in the workplace and ‘multiple identities’/intersectionality. The InterLaw Diversity Forum holds monthly meetings for its LGBT and BAME Networks, engages in charitable work, runs its Apollo Project with the Financial Times, conducts research into the legal profession, and runs its Purple Reign project.

Its BAME Network launched late 2016. In a short period of time membership has rapidly expanded. Monthly meetings have featured a wide range of BAME professionals and provide a monthly space for BAME members of the legal sector and their allies to learn from stories of success, build skills to enhance their career, and to network with each other.

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