Mills & Reeve LLP

Category: Disability Inclusion Award

Our disability network ‘Ability’ and our Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing team (D-I-WB) have worked tirelessly to enhance the experience of disabled employees, applicants, and clients. Work commenced over three years ago when a disability working group was formed. The aim was to review all aspects of how Mills & Reeve supports employees and clients. An action plan was developed, and work began to improve our practices.

The Working Group developed into the Ability Network and the firm’s current D-I-WB lead, Natasha Broomfield-Reid was also recruited to support disability inclusion work, as well as the wider D-I-WB work. The commitment to improving the firm practices supported the firm’s D-I-WB strategy and goals. It also improved the firm’s corporate strategy which includes the development of “leadership mindsets and an agile, inclusive diverse culture while creating an environment where people thrive and others want to join”.

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