Kingsley Napley

Category: Outstanding Race & Ethnicity Employee Network

Kingsley Napley’s REACH network empowers members to come together to work towards an inclusive workplace where everyone can meet their potential without fear of discrimination. REACH‘s overriding objective is to promote an inclusive and positive culture at Kingsley Napley, whilst increasing the firm’s ethnically diverse talent pipelines at all levels. Not only is it the right thing to do, it also enables Kingsley Napley to introduce more diverse thinking into the firm and serve all of its clients more effectively.

Kingsley Napley recognises the importance of openness and transparency about what it is trying to achieve and is committed to publishing progress against its set targets. The REACH network works closely with HR to ensure the firm gathers data, measures its progress and delivers on its commitment to improve diversity. This allows the firm to celebrate its improvements and successes, while also encouraging the firm to focus on the long-term picture, not just short term wins.

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