Grace Brown

Barrister, Garden Court Chambers

Category: BSN Lawyer of the Year (Chambers)

Grace is an expert on Windrush cases, having detailed and in-depth knowledge not only of the historic and current legal issues involved but also of the very relevant socio-economic and political background. Grace acted in the first post-scandal Windrush court case, which is now a precedent. She has developed unique and exceptional legal arguments based on the flaws and limitations in both the Windrush Scheme and the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

Grace often works pro bono. She is an extraordinary advocate who has made significant contributions to the advancement of diverse lawyers through raising awareness, through her dedication to advocating for mar¬ginalised groups and through sheer persistence. As a leader in her field, Grace consistently offers support to students and junior lawyers thereby acting as a true beacon of hope. Her work is inspiring, and her dynamism continues to serve to motivate new generations of young, diverse and aspiring lawyers.

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