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Category: Mental Health & Wellbeing (Law Firm)

Over recent years Freeths LLP have taken a transformative approach to the way in which the firm supports the Wellbeing and Mental Health of staff across the firm. This change has resulted in a number of significant new initiatives, such as the large scale introduction of its Wellbeing Committee, Mental Health First Aid training and Parents and Carers Network, along with many smaller initiatives such as Self Defence Training, Pilates, Wellbeing Seminars and Mental Health Coffee mornings.

The firm adopts a holistic approach to wellbeing which is reflected in its Wellbeing Committee, which comprises of sub-committees focussed on physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing initiatives. The firm also recently signed the Time to Change pledge, making a clear commitment to ending the stigma of mental health at work and sending a message to staff that Freeths encourage a working environment where mental health should and can be discussed openly.

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