Dr. Imranali Panjwani

Diverse Legal Consulting

Category: Access to Justice

During a stressful day at an immigration law firm in May 2018, Dr. Imranali Panjwani felt great sympathy towards the asylum seekers he was assisting. He decided to be a country expert and focus on access to justice for asylum seekers by creating Diverse Legal Consulting – a consultancy specialising in expert reports for the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region. There are already country experts out there, you may say, but Dr. Imranali Panjwani saw a gap in the profession.

Reports failed to focus on the language, religion and culture of asylum seekers and consequently, many asylum claims were rejected. Over the last three years, Dr. Imranali Panjwani has written over 75 expert reports, advocated for change in UK immigration law and acted as a conduit for asylum seekers to gain legal representation. He aims to change the focus of expert reports from analysing the threat of persecution to the nuances of asylum seekers’ lives.

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