Garden Court Chambers (Social Mobility/BAME)

Category: Chambers Diversity and Inclusion Initiative of the Year

WINNER: Garden Court Chambers (Social Mobility/BAME)

Garden Court Chambers was founded on a commitment to promote social justice and equality. These principles are reflected through the firms diversity initiatives and embodied in the motto, ‘Do right, fear no-one’.In accordance with this ethos and unwavering commitment to advancing the rights of diverse groups and promoting equality of opportunity, Garden Court Chambers has launched a pioneering initiative to improve diversity at the Bar. The Long Term Mentoring Scheme, ‘Access to the Bar for All’, encourages students from minority and disadvantaged groups to consider a career as a barrister.

16-year-old students from BAME and disadvantaged groups are offered mentoring and paid internships at
Garden Court for three weeks per year over five years. Students in the scheme have the opportunity to be awarded a £7000 scholarship to assist with living expenses at university if they go on to study a law degree.

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